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Introducing…the New Lynx® Swatchbook

Missing something? You can request your copy of the updated Lynx

The Power Of Paper Swatchbooks

For customers who are new to the design or print industry, the swatchbook is a great introduction to paper specifications and paper options.

Swatchbooks, A Useful Tool for Designers

If you are new to swatchbooks, start by flipping through one. It can be your best friend, if you understand what it can offer you and how you can use it.

How to Make the Paper Swatchbook Work for You …

Looking for ways to maximize your print budget and stay on schedule. Here are some tips on how to make the paper swatchbook work for you.

How to Read a Paper Swatchbook

Understanding how to read a paper swatchbook can make a big impact in understanding the basic of paper. We provide the basics and much more in our blog.