Building a Better Community Through Collaboration
Our Sustainability Commitment

We believe that the choices we make today should leave the forests that we depend on, and the communities we’re a part of, productive for the long term. Our investment in sustainability is rooted in responsibility, efficiency and engagement. We aspire to reduce risks, enhance brand reputation, drive business success and grow shareholder value.

Our Sustainable Forestry Principles

Our Sustainable Forestry Principles help make this belief a reality by requiring transparency, collaboration and accountability in all of our transactions, as at our Rothschild Paper Mill (pictured above) where the majority of Cougar® Paper is made.


As a part of the paper and forestry industry, it is important to us that we preserve our world for the next generation. This shared interest lead to our first collaboration project with World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF-Canada) on a landmark announcement declaring 378 new protected areas in Ontario, as part of the Ontario’s Lands for Life Initiative.

Building A Partnership

This initiative sparked a relationship that would last for decades, with millions of dollars invested in the conservation and protection of forests and wildlife across the globe.


In 2003, because of our vested interest in the future, we, alongside WWF-Canada, signed on to the Canada Boreal Forest Conservation Framework in a precedent-setting agreement with the goal of protecting at least half of the boreal forest in Canada.

Facts About Canada's Boreal Forest

The Canadian boreal forest contains:

  • 28% of the world’s boreal zone—that’s 552 million hectares
  • 150 bird species— which are half of the bird species in Canada
  • 3.7 million people in the world live in the boreal zone, mostly in remote and rural communities.
  • 70% of Indigenous communities in Canada live in forested regions. The boreal forest is culturally and economically significant to Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

Following the Canada Boreal Forest Conservation Framework, we partnered once more with WWF-Canada and developed the High Conservation Value Forests in Quebec. “High Conservation Value Forests (HCVFs) are defined by the Forest Stewardship Council® as forests of outstanding and critical importance due to their high environmental, socioeconomic, biodiversity or landscape values.”


Domtar increased commitment to WWF to $350,000 from the sale of some of our most popular brands, including EarthChoice® Office Paper and Lynx® Opaque Ultra, to support its global conservation efforts.


We also committed to making an annual contribution to WWF of $275,000 from the sale of Cougar® products, in an effort to continue the progress we were making as partners.


Domtar increases its commitment to WWF from the sale of some our most popular brands, including EarthChoice® Office Paper and Lynx® Opaque Ultra, to $350,000 to support their its global conservation efforts.


In 2011, we became the first North American company to transport fiber sourcing and manufacturing data to WWF for its inaugural Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI).

About EPCI

“The EPCI reveals data on more than 50 indicators voluntarily provided by companies which allows for the evaluation of a company’s environmental policy, commitments and environmental performance in the production of newsprint, graphic paper, tissue, packaging and pulp products.”


In 2013, through the sale of Forest Stewardship Council®-certified EarthChoice® products, we surpassed $1 million in support of WWF’s global conservation work. This milestone led to new opportunities in our partnership with more collaboration and support to small landowners.


The year kicked off with several exciting opportunities, including a three-year agreement to expand the production of FSC®-certified papers by engaging with small landowners and educating them about the FSC®-certification process.

2015: Expanding Our Reach

A joint effort was initiated between WWF and the Southeast US Forestry Project, aiming at growing small landowner certification. This effort not only benefited local economies, but also promoted the conservation of important forest regions in North America.


In 2015, we increased our annual contribution to $425,000 to further support WWF’s global conservation efforts.

2015: Educating The Community

In collaboration with FSC® and WWF, we hosted two landowner learning exchange tours in Ashdown, AK. These tours contributed to a significant increase in membership and enrolled acres in the Four States Timberland Owners Association (FSTOA).

What This Means For You?

By purchasing any of the most popular brands from Domtar Paper—including EarthChoice® Office Paper, Xerox® Bold Professional® Premium Quality Printer Paper, Xerox® Vitality® Office Paper, Cougar®, and Lynx® Opaque Ultra—you support researchers and scientists at WWF as they find ways to help threatened species adapt to climate change.


In 2016, Domtar surpassed $3 million in critical funding for conservation programs around the world. The support from our customers and the dedication of our team, from the mill and forest landowners to customer service, helped make this incredible milestone possible.


In 2019, we committed to pursue new Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)-certification standards for the Canadian government lands that the company manages in the Wabigoon forest (in 2020) and Trout Lake forest (in 2021).

Our Continued Commitment

As the only North American fine paper manufacturer to participate in the WWF’s Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI) since its inception, we’re proud to join WWF in leading the effort toward transparency and greater environmental responsibility within the pulp and paper sector.


It is our shared passion for conserving “the world’s most important forests to sustain nature’s diversity, benefit our climate and support human well-being” that brought us together. That is why we renewed our partnership in 2020 with WWF and continued our pledge to help protect the world’s forests.

Today: How You Can Help

Purchasing many of the leading brands from Domtar Paper makes you a part of this effort to conserve and protect forestlands and the habitats that depend on them across the globe. To date, over $4 million has been contributed to WWF for conservation programs across the globe.