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Paper With the Power to Move You – Cougar Swatchbook


Cougar® is the paper that stands as the ultimate benchmark for brands looking to make powerful and lasting impressions.  With three luxurious finishes, two colors, matching envelopes, an extended digital offering and a vast array of sizes and weights, Cougar is a powerful way to bring your project to life.

engage the senses

Engage the Senses

Print on Cougar® and you may find yourself doing a double-take as images come to life and create a sensory experience. 98 brightness and superior formation allow for ultra-crisp details and striking contrast.

bold and brilliant

Bold & Dramatic

Cougar® has the most exceptional opacity of any paper in its class. Print as vibrant or as dark as you’d like, with no show-through. This is the canvas for the most luscious colors and darks, without losing even a note of finely-tuned detail and crispness.

birlliant color

Explore New Worlds of Brilliant Color

On Cougar® colors explode off the page. Its exceptional printing surface and bright white shade create the optimal conditions for gorgeous, transformative color. Cougar Digital Color Copy has superior ink adhesion, grabbing and holding pigment, serving as the perfect canvas for vivid displays of vibrant hues.