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Recycled Office Paper vs. Certified Office Pa …

We all want to do our part in being environmentally conscious. Here are a few things you should know about recycled office paper vs. certified office paper.

Printed Textbooks vs. eBooks

The debate is still on when it comes to printed textbooks vs. ebooks but we have three reasons why print reading should have the edge.

Back to School Essential Shopping List

If you’re making a last minute supply run, be sure not to miss the essentials. Here is our list of some key back to school supplies.

Throwback Thursday: Now Is the Time to Make Y …

In today’s Throwback Thursday edition, we take a look back at the Make Your Mark series and the impact print can have on your business.

The Paper and Packaging Board’s New Sustain …

Check out, where you can learn about sustainability, how paper and paper-based packaging helps us plant trees and more

Mind the (Knowledge) Gap in Paper and Print M …

Looking for available resources to help fill knowledge gaps in paper and print marketing? We've got you covered.

Back to School Trends: A Look at the 2021 Del …

According to the 2021 Deloitte Back-to School Survey, overall spend is will be up 16%. Before joining the spend, here some tips on prep.

Paper, Print and the Americans with Disabilit …

To honor the Americans with Disabilities Act, we spoke with Ken Fernald, President and CEO of AVRE about paper and print.

Weighing in on Paper Weight

Curious about basis weight is calculated? Always wanted a "paper weight chart?" We're giving you the tools you need and answers you want.

The Post-Pandemic Direct Mail Renaissance

As we look to a post-pandemic future, the biggest opportunity that needs to be part of your marketing strategy is direct mail.

Offset, Digital, Production Inkjet Printing …

How do you outline the main benefits of popular printing technologies from a print customer perspective? We've got the blueprint.

Throwback Thursday: Luxury Within Reach (in a …

Now is a great time for brands and companies to re-engage with customers via print marketing. Throwback Thursday: Luxury Within Reach

Sustainability 101: Responsible Sourcing

We believe that Domtar’s future is rooted in the forest, but what does responsible sourcing look like in practice? Here's the answer.

Guidebook for Talking to Your Customers about …

Adaptability is the mark of a great printer and knowing how to effectively communicate the benefits of digital printing is a gamechanger.

What Current Consumer Trends Mean for Markete …

When the world gets back on its feet and finishes clearing out the COVID cobwebs, marketers must be ready to consumer trends.

Introducing the Best of Paper Matters June Di …

We're sharing some of our favorite stories from Paper Matters Magazine like the Hatch Show Print, Darwill and Marina Joyce.

Changing Worklife: The Hybrid Work Model is H …

As we return to a new normal post-pandemic, how and where work gets done is being reimagined. The hybrid work model is here, what's next?

Direct Mail That Dominates The Mailbox

Learn the importance of choosing the right elements to ensure your direct mail dominates the mailbox—techniques, paper choice, no problem

Celebrate Juneteenth with Action

Here are several resources on the history of Juneteenth and how we can all be better allies. The best way to celebrate is to be active.

Sustainability 101: Biodegradable vs. Compost …

Today, we're going to focus on the words biodegradable vs compostable and clear up confusion on everyday environmental sustainability.

Print is Still a Player in Integrated Marketi …

From marketers to printers, from printers to your mailbox, from your mailbox to their website. That's integrated marking, the right way.

On Press with Lynx: 3 Ink Tips to Optimize Pr …

Metallic inks, rich black and more; we share a few tips on achieving optimal quality during your print job using Lynx paper.

Sustainability 101: Recycled vs. Recyclable

Recycled and recyclable, tomato/tomahto, right? Actually, there's more to it. We're teaching Sustainability 101 and class is in session.

Enhance Productivity with Office Paper Small …

If you want to stay productive, having the proper work set-up each day is crucial. Surprisingly, office paper can help.

What Printers Wish You Knew: Color Matching

Printers may struggle with color matching large solids that weren't originally printed on their press, we have too. Here's how to fix it.

How to Read a Paper Ream

What in the world do all those numbers and symbols on the front of a paper pack mean? We have you covered. Learn how to read a paper ream

Is Your Ink Too Transparent?

Are you printing PMS color and looking for color saturation? Uniform coverage? Your solution may lie in your ink formula.

Mitigating Back-trap Mottle

You’re printing a job with large areas of heavy coverage but you're struggling with mottling and streaking. Domtar has the fix.

Why Cougar® Paper Exceeds Printer Expectatio …

Cougar paper is in a class of its own, but what really sets it apart? Here are some reasons why Cougar® paper exceeds printer expectation

Do Your Print Customers Have Envelope Envy?

When it comes to creating envelope envy and helping print customers stand out in the mailbox, you're closer to your goals than you think!

Print Solutions: Preventing Ink Mottle

You’re printing a job with large areas of heavy coverage and the blue tones are looking mottled and streaky. Domtar has your back.

Level Up Your Printer Sustainability Program

Customers are looking for companies dedicated to sustainability. Here are some tips on leveling up your printer sustainability program.

Project Peacock: Taking Printspiration to the …

Brought to you by PrintMediaCentr, the new Project Peacock Platform is a one-click destination for the latest innovations in print. The Website for All Things …

From important presentation ideas to marketing your brand, paper is an essential piece to how connections are made. Visit us for all thin

The Paper Matters Podcast: Partners in Enviro …

As we celebrate Earth Day today, we hope that our Partners in Sustainability Series shows what environmentally sustainability means.

Making the News: Celebrating Deaf History Thr …

From The Silent Worker to The Washington Post, deaf persons made an impact on newspapers, and the paper industry. Here's how:

Paper Storage Tips

The article lists several best practices for the storage of paper and a short disclaimer on expected shelf life of our product

Working from Home: What We’ve Learned Over …

It’s never too late to make the right adjustments, here's how we've tackled working from home:

Don’t Get It Wrong When Your Print Customer …

Deborah Corn, a recovering Print Buyer, shares opportunity for a Printer to strengthen their relationships with their customers.

Introducing the PrintWorks™ Newsletter

Learn more about the PrintWorks Newsletter, an exclusive printer resource, full of valuable tools, news and insights to help you succeed.

Celebrating Deaf History Through Paper

How do you record a language that’s wholly physical? By cataloging it with paper. Celebrate Deaf History Month with us March 13-April 15.

How the 2021 USPS Promotions & Incentive …

2021 USPS Promotions and Incentives help marketers find creative solutions to content questions within budget. Learn how they can help.

Life made easier with Lettermark™ Punched a …

Introducing Lettermark™ Punched & Perforated Papers, replacing Willcopy® Custom Cuts. No product changes, just a new name and packaging.

Top 5 Tips for Choosing an Environmentally Re …

Good news—it’s possible to have an office paper that meets your needs while also being environmentally responsible. Here are 5 tips:

Load Your Gun: Research is the Ammunition in …

It's easy for graphic designers to start off on a new project like a lone cowboy, but research is the first step to success Here's why.

Print Marketing and the Customer Journey

Understanding the basics of a customer journey is invaluable with customers. Learn how to make print recommendations during every stage.

Do You Digital?

It's probably an understatement to say that Digital Printing has evolved over the years, but just how much has changed?

5 Reasons Switching Paper Could Result In Swi …

Helping customers achieve the best result possible is tricky. Here are 5 reasons why printers shouldn't swap their clients' paper selection.

Fight Screen Fatigue with Paper

Screen fatigue is a simple name for a complicated issue—many of us feel drained as a result of our screens, but how do we fight it?

Printing and Paper Tips and Techniques

Domtar Paper has a collection of printing and paper Tips and Techniques videos available to you. Here’s how they can help.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Sustainability

Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of sustainability in the minds of consumers, communities and across other global organizations.

6 reasons Why Cougar® is the Paper Brand of …

In many ways, a brand is an act of self-expression. Here are 6 reasons why you should express yourself on Cougar Paper.

The Hidden Benefits of Picking Up a Book

Digital overload can contribute to mental fatigue but we’ve found that a salve for some of the side effects already exists—reading.

Got a Virtual Presentation? Follow These Top …

Holding your audience’s attention during a virtual presentation is one of the pandemics many hurdles. Here are four helpful tips.

Design Strategy – The Impact of Color in a …

Smart creatives know the value of print when it comes to helping brands connect with their audience and the impact of color in a printed

How to Differentiate Yourself as a Commercial …

Goals for commercial printers may have changed from years past but one thing holds true—You must be able to differentiate yourself.

Marketing in the New Abnormal

As the last year has show us, adaptability is priceless. Looking forward, it's critical that agility becomes the new normal.

Matching Papers to Types of Print Technology

Although you may not see differences between uncoated papers, they have been engineered for specific printing technologies.

Best of the Gallery: Print Marketing Inspirat …

Looking for print marketing inspiration? Curious about the Domtar Paper Gallery? Here are the Top 10 most popular submissions we have.

How to Spec the Perfect Paper for your Brand

As a creative, you owe your brand the opportunity to get noticed. So, how do you select the perfect paper for your brand? Here are 4 tips

How and When to Use Rich Black: Finding Your …

Understanding how and when to use rich black can turn an ordinary printed piece into an exceptional printed piece. Read to learn how.

7 Reasons Why Paper Statements Still Make Sen …

Rethinking your paper statements? Well, think again. Here are 7 reasons why paper statements still make sense.

Redesigning the Designer’s Role

Adding creative thinking into the business process is redesigning the designer’s role.

What is a Circular Economy and How Consumers …

The world has moved from a linear to a circular economy, but most consumers don’t know what that means. Check out this article for more.

The Meaning Behind the 2021 Pantone Color of …

Find out how this year’s color combo perfectly represents the outlook for 2021 – and how to perfectly incorporate it in next year’s jobs.

2 Critical Reasons Print Will Help You Look S …

The power of print and paper has held strong during the uncertainty of 2020 and will continue to do so no matter what next year holds.

A Move to Production Inkjet Fits the Bill for …

Learn how KUBRA switched from toner-based printing to production inkjet and improved the paper billing customer experience.

Making Your Affordable Print Look Amazing

It should come as no surprise that marketers are going to have to rethink how they communicate to customers in 2021.

4 Reasons the Latest GDUSA Will Make You Want …

This issue is packed full of great visuals for graphic designers to keep on hand for inspiration and helpful content for creative leaders.

Introducing Our Paper Matters Magazine Fall 2 …

Introducing the Fall issue of Paper Matters Magazine with Field Notes, Publicis Hawkeye, KUBRA and more! Request your download & explore.

Printed Catalogs – A Gift to Marketers

Those of us who fall into a certain age group all remember that one piece that ushered in the holiday season – the Holiday Gift Catalog.

Top 5 Reasons to Make Your Mark with Letterma …

Introducing the Lettermark Collection of Papers.

Attracting the Next Generation to the Print a …

Ready to prepare for the future? We talked to one of our own, a recent college-grad, about his outlook on the paper and print industry.

How to Choose the Right Office Paper for Your …

From everyday copies to full-color professional documents, the options in the Domtar Office Papers Collection deliver.

How is a Forest Sustainably Managed

How is a Forest Sustainably Managed

How to Spot a Trustworthy Brand

How to know which brands are worthy of your trust.

The Importance of the Envelope in Voting at H …

Domtar sits down with Brook Spaulding of W+D and talks voting-at-home, our mailing system and the importance of quality.

Back to School with Classroom Central

While many things have changed as we head back to school, students still need school supplies just as much, if not even more than before. Learn more.

Domtar releases its 2020 Sustainability Goal …

Domtar releases its 2020 Sustainability Goal Updates for both its Pulp & Paper and Personal Care divisions, including Performance Indicators and video.

Introducing the Paper Matters Podcast

The Paper Matters Podcast, a paper-focused listening experience.

Taking It To The Next Level At Elevate Print …

A recap of Elevate Print and how we inspire print professionals on how to take their business and customer relationships to the next level.

Virtual Event Ink Jet Summit 2020

The annual Inkjet Summit took place over parts of 4 days this August with a virtual meeting format.

Direct Effect – Making Direct Mail Academic …

Learn more about the Direct Effect™ Academic Program that teaches college students new technologies about integrating mail into effective digital campaigns.

Domtar Partners With AFF On Its Family Forest …

Domtar partners with AFF on its Family Forest Carbon Program that benefits family forest owners, promotes carbon sequestration and addresses climate change.

Paper and the Millennial Marketing Mix

Paper still has a place in marketing to Millennials. Here are a few tips on how you can connect with a generation that has spent most of their lives online?

Working in the “New Normal” as a Creative …

Working from home as a graphic designer can be challenging in our “new normal”. Here are some tips to make the best of your new, temporary, office.

2020 Back to School Shopping Trends

Back to school shopping has begun and we looked into what parents are doing to prepare and if this year has changed what they’re looking for.

Printing Technique Talk: Lynx® For Sure Prod …

Go behind the scenes and learn more about the print production and techniques of the Lynx® For Sure promotion. Request a copy today.

Top Tips and Trends from the Best of Paper Ma …

Introducing the Best of Paper Matters, August edition. Learn top tips and trends of paper and print add a unique experience to the marketing mix.

Lynx Opaque Ultra – Sure Consistency. Sure …

Lynx For Sure demonstrates the expansive offering, quality, versatility and values of Lynx® Opaque Ultra through a printed piece.

Back to School Tips for In-Person or Distance …

Whether it’s in-person, remote, digital or distance learning, we’ve got several tips to help you prepare for back to school.

Time to Get Schooled-Marketing for Colleges a …

With over 5,000 colleges and universities in the US and Canada–competition to attract students is critical. Here are a few tips we've learned along the way.

Domtar’s Sustainability Report Earns Indust …

Three national communication organization have chosen the Domtar Sustainability Report as a winner/finalist in corporate social responsibility competitions.

The “Love Paper” Campaign by Two Sides No …

Two Sides North America launches the “Love Paper,” a new campaign designed to raise consumer awareness around all the great things about paper.

5 Ways Printers Can Build Customer Loyalty Du …

DMR Graphics has remained open throughout the pandemic. Here are 5 ways they are building customer loyalty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Dish On Paper in Restaurants

Here is the dish on how paper plays an important role in the successful reopening of restaurants and bars. Learn more and stay safe.

Introducing the Best of Paper Matters Magazin …

While circumstances may change, your source for inspiration doesn’t.That's why we pulled together some highlights for our Best of Paper Matters July Edition

The Value of Expansive Collaboration

As the transactional printing market matures, our business development team collaborates with the OEMs to align the innovation in paper and print.

Gallery Favorite: AIGA Eye on Design

Eye on Design magazine takes a decidedly different approach to design journalism. Printed on Cougar, see what we love about this journalistic masterpiece.

The Declaration of Independence Re-imagined

Back in 1776, paper was a much different substrate than it is today. What would the Declaration of Independence look like if it was written today?