Paper Matters Blog

The Benefits of Printed Financial Statements

Domtar continues to raise awareness in Capitol Hill for our rights to choose. Learn more about the benefits of printed financial statements.

Buying FSC-Certified Paper Helps Protect Our …

When you have so many paper choices, why choose FSC-certified paper? Learn what it means and why you should consider FSC-Certified Paper.

What You Need to Know About Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is everywhere, from grocery stores and gas pumps to schools and concert halls. Learn how thermal papers work and why the market is growing.

Sustainability is For the Birds

Domtar Paper Mill communities protect the natural habitat in our forests through wildlife management. See what birds are thriving in our forests.

Introducing Paper Matters® Magazine

Paper Matters Magazine, a publication focusing on how paper supports, inspires and propels your ideas, creating everyday connections.

Delivering More than Just Paper to Paper Merc …

Paper Matters and we work hard to keep our inventory replenishment network properly stocked to ensure our paper merchants don't run out of paper.

Intersection of Tech and Forestry – Windsor …

Domtar's Windsor Paper Mill has been in manufacturing and making paper since 1864. Today it is it is also in the forefront of technogy.

How Domtar Security Papers Fight Fraud

Providing your customers with security in their check paper stock is vital to your business. Learn how security papers fight fraud and how we protect you.