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Making the News: Celebrating Deaf History Thr …

From The Silent Worker to The Washington Post, deaf persons have left an indelible imprint on newspapers, and the paper industry. Here's how:

Print Marketing and the Customer Journey

Understanding the basics of a customer journey is invaluable with customers. Learn how to make print recommendations during every stage.

5 Reasons Switching Paper Could Result In Swi …

Helping customers achieve the best result possible is tricky. Here are 5 reasons why printers shouldn't swap their clients' paper selection.

The Hidden Benefits of Picking Up a Book

Digital overload can contribute to mental fatigue but we’ve found that a salve for some of the side effects already exists—reading.

7 Reasons Why Paper Statements Still Make Sen …

Rethinking your paper statements? Well, think again. Here are 7 reasons why paper statements still make sense.

The Importance of the Envelope in Voting at H …

Domtar sits down with Brook Spaulding of W+D and talks voting-at-home, our mailing system and the importance of quality.

The Declaration of Independence Re-imagined

Back in 1776, paper was a much different substrate than it is today. What would the Declaration of Independence look like if it was written today?

The Value in Diversity

The value in diversity is more than a new idea, it’s what we use to progress. Growth, be it personal or professional, cannot happen in an echo chamber.

In Praise of Paper Ballots

Paper ballots can ease concerns around security and safety during election season. Domtar has some great solutions for this year’s election voting.

Studies Show Reading is the Key to Relaxing

Working from home can be stressful for those who are used to being in an office; however, studies have shown that reading is key to relaxing. Learn more.

Tips On How To Cultivate A Life-long Reader

For parents with school-aged students, this is a great opportunity to cultivate a life-long reader. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Staying Productive When Working From Home Cop …

March is National Reading Month and a great time to focus on the benefits of reading, specifcially the reading printed books over electronic books.

A Vote for Paper

The results of the 2020 Iowa caucuses were delayed more than 24 hours when an expiremental voting app failed, causing many citizens to ask "why not paper?"

The Power of a Paper Letter: Letter from Birm …

Would the email, tweet or text message from Birmingham Jail carry the same gravitas? I think not. The power of a paper letter stands the test of time.

Power of Partnership

Shift in trends in the print industry, it's more than just the print technology, it's about partnerships and finding the right solutions for your customers.

The Benefits of Printed Financial Statements

Domtar continues to raise awareness in Capitol Hill for our rights to choose. Learn more about the benefits of printed financial statements.

Printed Textbooks vs. EBooks

The debate is still on when it comes to printed textbooks vs. ebooks; however, the research shows that students learn better with a traditional textbook.

What’s in Your Mailbox?

Recent USPS survey showed that respondents across all age demographics still enjoy receiving mail and believes it is a secure method of communication.

Fight For Your Right to Paper Statements

Printed utility bills to printed social security statements, whatever the communication form, the Keep Me Post Campaign fights for your right to choose.

Want Print to Thrive? Here are 4 Ways We Can …

Females account for 80% of students enrolled in print programs, while only representing 40% of the workforce. Here are tips to attracting females to print?

Writing Offers Cognitive, Creative and Social …

Research shows that handwriting enhance cognition, creativity and social skills. Learn more about why you should put pen to paper and surprise a friend.

Why Uncoated Paper Makes an Impact

A customer’s first impression of you may be in their hands — literally. Learn why uncoated paper makes an impact and a great choice for discerning brands.

Make Paper a Key Part of Your Corporate Susta …

A good corporate sustainability policy covers everything from energy efficiency to how paper is sourced. See how paper can enhance your policy.

Introducing Paper Matters® Magazine

Paper Matters Magazine, a publication focusing on how paper supports, inspires and propels your ideas, creating everyday connections.

Decoding Sustainability Logos

In the paper world, it is important to adhere to third-party certifications. We are decoding sustainability logos to help you make informed decisions.

Forest Certification 101

A quick glance into forest certification 101 and what forest landowners must do to receive these certifications. They are more than just empty promises.

Baby Boomers to Millennials – The Silver Ts …

From baby boomers to Millennials, Domtar continues to stay relevant through its sustainability goals. Learn how you can take advantage of our efforts.

8 Steps of the Paper Making Process

Many of us use paper every day, but don’t know how it’s made. Discover the steps of the paper making process from the wet end of the paper press to the winder.