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Back to Business: Finding the Right Office Paper

No, it’s not just your imagination—back-to-school supplies are getting costlier every year. According to the latest findings from the 2023 Deloitte Back-to-School survey, BtS shopping is the second largest spending event of the year after the holiday season, with a staggering seven billion dollars projected to be spent on school supplies this year alone. We can’t eschew the essentials, but when it seems like every dollar matters a little more each day, shoppers must be savvy about their options. Whether you’re preparing your little ones for the school year or looking to refresh your work essentials, we’ve got some quick tips to help you understand your options and find the right office paper for the year.

Shopping for the Right School Supplies

As another school year begins, shoppers are digging into their pockets to ensure their children are well-equipped for the semester. While homeschoolers and parents of college students are spending the most, all parents are likely to increase their back-to-school shopping spend by approximately 16% as compared to 2022. When it comes to the quintessential back-to-school items, stationery remains the biggest spend. If pencils and paper are still on your shopping list, it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying. Not all office papers are made equal, so here’s a rundown of what to keep an eye out for, depending on your specific needs:

EarthChoice® Office Paper

If you are searching for the most sustainable option for you or your family, consider EarthChoice® Office Paper. Sourced from well-managed North American forests, this paper not only displays a commitment to environmental sustainability but does so without sacrificing quality. EarthChoice boasts a brightness level of 92 and ColorLok® Technology, so you can expect vivid colors, deep blacks, and faster drying times for your prints while working for your environment.

While the allure of recycled paper options is strong, it’s worth noting that they can come at a higher cost compared to virgin papers. However, if you’re keen on making environmentally-conscious choices without straining your wallet, purchasing from a company like Domtar who is known and trusted for its commitment to sustainable sourcing can go a long way in making a positive impact.

sustainable office paper


Think of Lettermark Copy Paper as the ideal choice for worry-free everyday copying and printing, internal correspondence and high-speed volume applications. With several small pack sizes—3 Ream Carton, 400 Sheet Ream and the XL Pack (800 sheet ream)—that offer flexible options for printing at home or in a small office with limited storage space, Lettermark is an excellent option for a family that works from home or receives print-outs from school.

If you’re in a hybrid role or simply print documents that require crisp text, enhanced color and double-sided printing, such as internal presentations, memos, newsletters, flyers and reports, then consider Lettermark Premium Paper. Whether printing at home or in the office, this paper features a 96 brightness and ColorLok Technology—delivering vivid color, bold blacks, faster drying time and overall elevated print quality. It’s the optimal solution platform where productivity endures and great ideas begin.

hybrid office environment

Keep in Mind…

As the semester starts to roll, make sure you’re properly storing your paper supplies. Given these expanding costs—but not necessarily budgets—the pressure is on for these supplies to go the distance and last throughout the school year. When stocking up during the summer months, ensure that your paper is stored in a cool, dry place to maintain its quality and longevity. Visit our blog for more information on making your paper last.

Happy shopping, and here’s to a successful school year filled with creativity and accomplishments!

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