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All You Need to Know about Color Papers

For people looking to purchase paper they can trust, the brand really does matter. Fortunately, the Xerox® paper brand is synonymous with excellence

What’s the Definition of Work Like a Dog?

The print room has never been a place for the faint of heart. Fast-paced, agile and strictly business, few people embody the phrase, “work like a do

Take your Cat to Work Today (and Everyday)

To all you cat lovers out there – it’s time to celebrate your favorite felines! Read More

On Press with Lynx: 3 Ink Tips to Optimize Pr …

Metallic inks, rich black and more; we share a few tips on achieving optimal quality during your print job using Lynx paper.

How to Read a Paper Ream

What in the world do all those numbers and symbols on the front of a paper pack mean? We have you covered. Learn how to read a paper ream.

Life made easier with Lettermark™ Punched a …

Introducing Lettermark™ Punched and Perfed Papers, replacing Willcopy® Custom Cuts. No changes to the product, just a new name and packaging.

Do You Digital?

It's probably an understatement to say that Digital Printing has evolved over the years, but just how much has changed?

6 reasons Why Cougar® is the Paper Brand of …

In many ways, a brand is an act of self-expression. Here are 6 reasons why you should express yourself on Cougar Paper.

Top 5 Reasons to Make Your Mark with Letterma …

Whether maintaining a fast pace in a high volume print environment, beginning your next strategic endeavor, sorting out your next creative idea or starting at square one to learn something new, trust the options in the Lettermark collection of office papers as your everyday paper of choice.

How to Choose the Right Office Paper for Your …

Anyone that’s ever been to an office supply store will tell you the office paper landscape is confusing. There are a vast array of options, yet it’s difficult to find the paper that truly suits your needs. Learn how to choose the right office paper for your needs.

Printing Technique Talk: Lynx® For Sure Prod …

Go behind the scenes and learn more about the print production and techniques of the Lynx® For Sure promotion. Request a copy today.

Lynx Opaque Ultra – Sure Consistency. Sure …

Lynx For Sure demonstrates the expansive offering, quality, versatility and values of Lynx® Opaque Ultra through a printed piece.

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Introducing the Best of Paper Matters Magazin …

While circumstances may change, your source for inspiration doesn’t.That's why we pulled together some highlights for our Best of Paper Matters July Edition

Rethinking Your Restaurant Menus and Design

Restaurant menu facts you need to know and options to consider when re-opening your business post COVID-19. Stay informed.

An Inside Look at Our Treated Production Inkj …

Detailed production notes can help you become a better printer and designer as you learn. Here are some details to your newest print promotions.

The Power Of Paper Swatchbooks

For customers who are new to the design or print industry, the swatchbook is a great introduction to paper specifications and paper options.

What You Print On Matters

Jobs printed on premium office paper look and feel better, making it an ideal medium for presentations, sales materials and other important documents.

Exploring Production Inkjet? Choose the Right …

As your business evolves to embrace new technology; such as, production inkjet technology, depend on Domtar to adapt alongside you.

Husky® The Reliable, Dependable Paper

No matter the size of the press run or whether it’s offset, digital or inkjet, Husky is reliable, dependable paper and gets it done right.

5 Reasons to Love Cougar Digital Color Copy

Digital printing has evolved into a reliable and high-quality option for printed pieces. Make digital print projects shine with Cougar Digital Color Copy!

The Hallmark of Every Great Brand

At Domtar, we understand the value of Purpose. It’s what gives your brand meaning and that is why we created a custom t-shirt for our brand enthusiasts.

The Secret Ingredient in Cougar® Paper

The secret ingredient in Cougar paper is the people behind the product and their passion for making Cougar paper. Learn more about Rothschild Paper Mill.

6 Reasons to Love Lynx Opaque Ultra Paper

All our brands are made with the same high quality fiber but each are unique in their own ways. Here are 6 reasons why we love Lynx Opaque Ultra paper.

Let Our Paper Do The Heavy Lifting

For resources to help you select the right paper for the job, you can count on us. We've highlighted a few key paper specifications to help you sort it out.

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Cougar w/Purpose – Creating Meaningful Reta …

Creating a retail brand that connects with your audience begins with a vision and purpose. Think of Cougar paper as your conduit to connect.

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Meeting the Unique Needs of the Food Services …

Domtar meets the needs of customers in the food services industry who are looking to create unique products for their own customers.

Why Paper Brands Matter: Xerox® Paper and Sp …

Domtar offers two products within the Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media Line, each with its own characteristics that help it stand out from the competition.

The Wow Factor: Color Paper Packs a Visual Pu …

Looking for a way to make your next project pop? Use color paper. Take a look at these tips for designing and printing on color paper.

Get Better Results with Uncoated Paper

At Domtar, we are dedicated to producing high-quality uncoated paper. Learn how you can get better results with uncoated paper.

Office Paper Brands Customers Can Trust

Quality products build loyalty, establish credibility and enhance business reputation. At Domtar, we offer office paper brands customers can trust.

The Cougar Mystique

Sight, touch and sound are all part of the Cougar experience. Consistency and reliability make it the go-to sheet for printers, that's the Cougar mystique.

Explore Digital Print and Domtar’s Line of …

Explore digital print and dive into Domtar's line of digital papers options. Request printed samples and swatchbooks to see for yourself.

What You Need to Know About Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is everywhere, from grocery stores and gas pumps to schools and concert halls. Learn how thermal papers work and why the market is growing.

Lynx – Where Beauty and Performance Mee …

Where Beauty and Performance Meet is the latest printed sample from our Lynx Brand of Paper. Learn more about this piece and how you can request a copy.

Cougar Paper – 45 Years and Still Evolving! …

Print quality has always been the keystone to the Cougar paper brand and the people at our Rothschild Mill understand the importance of this premier brand.

How Domtar Security Papers Fight Fraud

Providing your customers with security in their check paper stock is vital to your business. Learn how security papers fight fraud and how we protect you.