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Enhance Retro Designs with Cougar Natural

One graphic design trend in 2024 is incorporating nostalgic elements into designs. In today’s fast-paced digital world, there is something comfortin

Introducing: Paper Matters Spring & Summ …

We are proud to present the latest edition of Paper Matters® magazine!While every season has its own appeal, there’s just

Introducing: Paper Trails Volume 2

Cougar® paper has a long history of making waves in the paper industry with its stunning paper finishes, lasting impressions, and ability to ignite e

TSI: Direct Mail’s Impact on Reduced Po …

For those who are unaware, Read More

The Newest Trends in the Domtar Paper Gallery …

The Domtar Paper Gallery is one of the few true oases of print left on the internet. Powered wholly by your submissions, we highlight remarkable works

Uncovering Fig Magazine: A Multiplatform Comm …

By Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr.

Fig Magazine, a beautiful embodiment of community-d

Why Paper Receipts are More Valuable Than Eve …

In an age dominated by digital transactions and virtual records, paper receipts can seem like relics from the past. Convenience is the name of the gam

Paper Trails: A Collaborative Journey in Desi …

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Design Ranch is a graphic design and advertising firm that believes that d

Mitchell Press Presents: The Hip Trip

For the uninitiated, the Domtar Paper Gallery showcases submissions of fine print work that has been p

Top 5 Reasons to Make Your Mark with Letterma …

Whether maintaining a fast pace in a high volume print environment, beginning your next strategic endeavor, sorting out your next creative idea or starting at square one to learn something new, trust the options in the Lettermark collection of office papers as your everyday paper of choice.

Finish with Style: Print Techniques in Paper …

In case you missed it, the next generation of Paper 101 is here. Cougar®

The Power of a Paper Letter: Letter from Birm …

Would the email from Birmingham Jail carry the same gravitas? I think not. The power of a paper letter stands the test of time.

Introducing: Cougar® Paper Trails

The Cougar® brand of uncoated paper has long been recognized by printers, marketers and creative professionals as the ideal medium for personal explo

The 2024 USPS Promotions

Print is one of the most versatile tools at a marketer’s disposal; it’s tactile, it’s customizable and it takes nearly Read More

The Best of the 2023 Domtar Paper Gallery

The Domtar Paper Gallery was created to inspire and give visibility to impressive works of print, but

Choose Wisely: The Fight for your Receipt

“Would you like a printed receipt?”What once seemed like a simple question has become the focal point of a complicated conversation as the deb

Best Office Papers Guide: EarthChoice

Anyone that’s ever been to an office supply store will tell you the office paper landscape is confusing. There are a vast array of options, yet it’s difficult to find the paper that truly suits your needs. Learn how to choose the right office paper for your needs.

Introducing: Paper Matters F/W 2023

Welcome to the latest issue of Paper Matters.The cover’s new

All You Need to Know about Color Papers

For people looking to purchase paper they can trust, the brand really does matter. Fortunately, the Xerox® paper brand is synonymous with excellence

Back to Business: Finding the Right Office Pa …

No, it’s not just your imagination—back-to-school supplies are getting costlier eve

3 Quick Ways Paper can Improve Reading Compre …

According to an article from the University of California, San Diego, in 2009, the average American consumed roughly 34 gigabytes of data and informat

The Color of Sustainability

When it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention, there is nothing quite like color. The brain notices color before shapes or words, subconscious

Lettermark Envelope Colors: Making Mailbox Ma …

Colors have a profound effect on our emotions, perceptions, and actions. When strategically incorporated into your direct mail strategy, colors have t

Introducing: The New Color Papers Best Practi …

When it comes to grabbing your audience's attention, there is nothing quite like color. Because the brain notices color before shapes or words, it is

Retargeting: How to Recapture your Audience w …

From social media ads to email marketing and back again, today's digital age has provided marketers with a seemingly endless supply of tools to reach

Scan and Save: How QR Codes can Rescue your B …

In today’s increasingly tech-savvy world, blending print and digital marketing strategies is necessary to remain competitive. The challenge is creat

Introducing…the New Lynx® Swatchbook

Missing something? You can request your copy of the updated Lynx

How Techniques Bring Print Pieces to Life  …

In today’s highly competitive marketing landscape, you have to do more than just get your content in front of your audience. If you aim to leave a l

Gratitude: A Small Note can have a Big Impact …

Sometimes projects inspire great feelings in the people who work on them, but other times feelings inspire great projects. When it comes to the

The 2023 USPS Promos: Saving with Color

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that the United States Postal Service (USPS) P

How Techniques Bring Print Pieces to Life  …

Today, we’re kicking off a new series examining our latest promotion—the Cougar® Print Techniques Brochure—and the die cuts, foils and varnishe

How the 2023 USPS Promotions Can Save Your Bu …

We’ve been championing the United States Postal

How Paper Quality Impacts Your Results

We’re in the middle of Q1 and all of those deliverables you have circled on your calendar are fast approaching—your event with hundreds of attende

The Domtar Paper Gallery: 2022 Year in Review …

Another year is in the rearview mirror and we were blown away by the artistic creativity and diversity of art designed on Domtar paper this past year.

Last Minute Tips for your Marketing Strategy

2023 is underway and marketing departments continue to make tough decisions regarding strategy, their planned marketing media mix and budget allocatio

How to Increase Productivity: The Power of Pa …

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Viva Magenta: How Paper can Bring Color to Li …

Every December, Pantone (the global authority on color) announce

Leaving a Legacy

This year, Domtar celebrated the Golden Anniversary of the Cougar® brand, an iconic paper that has blazed an unmatched legacy of quality and performa

How to Get the Most out of Your Photos with T …

‘Tis the season for eating, which also means it’s the season for food photography. November to December is the perfect time for hopeful cookbook c

How to Optimize Direct Mail with Production I …

The last few years have caused many changes to the way companies conduct business and how they go to market. There has been a shift to digital marketi

Running Ahead: 50 years of Cougar®

Boldly Cougar Innovates

After decades of impressive performance in the marketplace and earning a well-deserved reputation f

Turning Awareness into Action: The Circular E …

September 19 – 26 is Recycling Awareness Week and it’s one of our favorites because it provides us with Read More

Buy & Give: How Millcraft is Making Pape …

How does the saying go? “The best gifts come from the heart.” Well, in a world of next-day delivery and Amazon Prime, buying is easier than ever a

Back-to-School Shopping: 2022 Market Trends


Wow! The back-to-school shopping season is upon us! This year flew by and parents eve

Fall is Here, but are You Ready?

It’s late July, stores are prepping for back-to-school sales and as much as we don’t want to admit it, fall is on the horizon. Maybe you recently

Working Art: The Direct Mail Renaissance Cont …

Do you remember learning about the Renaissance Period in school? The Mona Lisa, David of Michelangelo—were there frescoes, too? The period marked Eu

Juneteenth Spotlight: Furthering a Legacy thr …

Four-Hundred Years of Service

In the early 18th century, several years before becoming a state, France introduced Illinois to sla

Behind The Project – How Collaboration Led …

The Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse, Deborah Corn is at it again!

Guess What’s New in the Domtar Paper Galler …

Okay, I admit it; I love art galleries. There’s something quietly inspiring about their halls whether it’s the years of creative history or the

The Power of Print Enhancements in Optichanne …

The best marketing strategies combine both online and offline marketing channels. That's optichannel marketing and here's how to do it.

Ken Fernald, Superhero Among Us

What is a superhero? An inspiration? A savior? Metropolis has Superman. Gotham, Batman. AVRE has Ken Fernald.

Environmentally Responsible Office Paper for …

Happy Earth Day!

Today we’re celebrating the 52nd annual Earth Day by bringing together our two passions: sustainability a

Unwrapping the Mystery: Candy Wrappers

Did you know that there’s a science to constructing the perfect Easter basket? You've got to have hard candies, baked goods, tons of chocolate, and,

Celebrate National Wildlife Week by Taking Ac …

Have you seen an influx of animals with party hats? Noticed bands of furry friends celebrating outside? That’s likely because we’re in the midst o

Augment Your Toolkit by Embracing AR

How can paper become an extended version of the real world? The Answer: through technology, enabled by virtual visuals, sounds, or other sensory stimu

Throwback Thursday: Your Guide to Embossing

Debossing and embossing provide an additional dimension to offset commercial printing—literally—because they add depth to what otherwise is a flat

Military Mail: Letters from Home

Here at Domtar, we love discovering how the evolving digital world can work in tandem with printing and paper. From marketing

Look Beyond the Paper Specifications

When it comes to selecting the right paper for the project, looking beyond paper specifications can make or break your job.

Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year – …

Inspired by Veri Peri, but unsure of where to start? Here are some examples that may spark some ideas for your next big project.

How to Make Ordinary, EXtraordinary

Trying to turn ordinary into EXtraordinary? Learn how collaboration and ingenuity helped do just that and create an amazing brochure.

Crash Course: Press Check’s from a Desi …

Why press checks? If you’re a designer or creative who’s unfamiliar with press checks or Marina Joyce’s work, then this blog is for you.

What’s New in the Domtar Paper Gallery

From graphic design guides to charitable works, the Domtar Paper Gallery has the goods. Here are some of our latest gallery submissions.

How Printed Catalogs Can Amplify Digital Mark …

Learn how printed catalogs are alive and well (and as impactful as ever) in a digital world by flipping through the Amazon Catalog with us.

The Importance of Paper in the Classroom

The benefits of technology are undeniable, but it may be useful to keep in mind some of the advantages of the printed page in the classroom.

How to Make the Most out of Your Home Office

Going forward, corporate employment will include remote work, so let’s talk about ideas on how to make the most of the home office.

Inkjet & Direct Mail: A Recipe for Succe …

The world of inkjet constantly evolves, but here at Domtar, we know how inkjet can help you take advantage through direct mail and more.

Throwback Thursday: How to explore the possib …

Not all uncoated papers are created equal—if you're looking to print rich black & vibrant color with a clear message, you should Explore Lynx.

Creating Customer Trust With Your Sustainabil …

Sustainability buzzwords abound as creatives talk to even more environmentally aware consumers. But what's the right way to speak "green?"

Recycled Office Paper vs. Certified Office Pa …

We all want to do our part in being environmentally conscious. Here are a few things you should know about recycled office paper vs. certified office paper.

Communication Trends In a World of Change and …

Highlights from our podcast with Nicole Tully of Canon Solutions America, about marketing trends, reaching the next-gen and more.

Printed Textbooks vs. eBooks

The debate is still on when it comes to printed textbooks vs. ebooks but we have three reasons why print reading should have the edge.

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Back to School Essential Shopping List

If you’re making a last minute supply run, be sure not to miss the essentials. Here is our list of some key back to school supplies.

Throwback Thursday: Now Is the Time to Make Y …

In today’s Throwback Thursday edition, we take a look back at the Make Your Mark series and the impact print can have on your business.

Mind the (Knowledge) Gap in Paper and Print M …

Looking for available resources to help fill knowledge gaps in paper and print marketing? We've got you covered.

Weighing in on Paper Weight

Curious about basis weight is calculated? Always wanted a "paper weight chart?" We're giving you the tools you need and answers you want.

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The Post-Pandemic Direct Mail Renaissance

As we look to a post-pandemic future, the biggest opportunity that needs to be part of your marketing strategy is direct mail.

Offset, Digital, Production Inkjet Printing …

How do you outline the main benefits of popular printing technologies from a print customer perspective? We've got the blueprint.

Throwback Thursday: Luxury Within Reach (in a …

Now is a great time for brands and companies to re-engage with customers via print marketing. Throwback Thursday: Luxury Within Reach

Sustainability 101: Responsible Sourcing

We believe that Domtar’s future is rooted in the forest, but what does responsible sourcing look like in practice? Here's the answer.

Guidebook for Talking to Your Customers about …

Adaptability is the mark of a great printer and knowing how to effectively communicate the benefits of digital printing is a game changer.

Introducing the Best of Paper Matters June Di …

We're sharing some of our favorite stories from Paper Matters like the Hatch Show Print, Darwill and Marina Joyce. Enjoy the Best of Edition.

Direct Mail That Dominates The Mailbox

Learn the importance of choosing the right elements to ensure your direct mail dominates the mailbox—techniques, paper choice, no problem!

Sustainability 101: Biodegradable vs. Compost …

Today, we're going to focus on the words biodegradable vs compostable and clear up confusion on everyday environmental sustainability.

Print is Still a Player in Integrated Marketi …

From marketers to printers, from printers to your mailbox, from your mailbox to their website. That's integrated marking, the right way.

Sustainability 101: Recycled vs. Recyclable

Recycled and recyclable, tomato/tomahto, right? Actually, there's more to it. We're teaching Sustainability 101 and class is in session.

Enhance Productivity with Office Paper Small …

If you want to stay productive, having the proper work set-up each day is crucial. Surprisingly, office paper can help.

What Printers Wish You Knew: Color Matching

Printers may struggle with color matching large solids that weren't originally printed on their press, we have too. Here's how to fix it.

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Is Your Ink Too Transparent?

Are you printing PMS color and looking for color saturation? Uniform coverage? Your solution may lie in your ink formula.

Mitigating Back-trap Mottle

You’re printing a job with large areas of heavy coverage but you're struggling with mottling and streaking. Domtar has the fix.

Why Cougar® Paper Exceeds Printer Expectatio …

Cougar paper is in a class of its own, but what really sets it apart? Here are some reasons why Cougar® paper exceeds printer expectations.

Do Your Print Customers Have Envelope Envy?

When it comes to creating envelope envy and helping print customers stand out in the mailbox, you're closer to your goals than you think!

Print Solutions: Preventing Ink Mottle

You’re printing a job with large areas of heavy coverage and the blue tones look mottled and streaky. Don't worry, Domtar has your back.

Level Up Your Printer Sustainability Program

Customers are looking for companies dedicated to sustainability. Here are some tips on leveling up your printer sustainability program. The Website for All Things …

From important presentation ideas to marketing your brand, paper is an essential piece to how connections are made. Visit us for all things paper.

The Paper Matters Podcast: Partners in Enviro …

As we celebrate Earth Day today, we hope that our Partners in Sustainability Series shows what environmentally sustainability really means.

Paper Storage Tips

The article lists several best practices for the storage of paper and a short disclaimer on expected shelf life of our product.

Working from Home: What We’ve Learned Over …

It’s never too late to make the right adjustments—from March to March, here's how we've tackled working from home:

Don’t Get It Wrong When Your Print Customer …

Deborah Corn, a recovering Print Buyer, shares opportunity for a Printer to strengthen their relationships with their customers.

Introducing the PrintWorks™ Newsletter

Learn more about the PrintWorks Newsletter, an exclusive printer resource, full of valuable tools, news and insights to help you succeed.

Life made easier with Lettermark™ Punched a …

Introducing Lettermark™ Punched and Perfed Papers, replacing Willcopy® Custom Cuts. No changes to the product, just a new name and packaging.