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The Newest Trends in the Domtar Paper Gallery …

The Domtar Paper Gallery is one of the few true oases of print left on the internet. Powered wholly by your submissions, we highlight remarkable works

Uncovering Fig Magazine: A Multiplatform Comm …

By Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr.

Fig Magazine, a beautiful embodiment of community-d

Mitchell Press Presents: The Hip Trip

For the uninitiated, the Domtar Paper Gallery showcases submissions of fine print work that has been p

The Best of the 2023 Domtar Paper Gallery

The Domtar Paper Gallery was created to inspire and give visibility to impressive works of print, but

Gratitude: A Small Note can have a Big Impact …

Sometimes projects inspire great feelings in the people who work on them, but other times feelings inspire great projects. When it comes to the

The Domtar Paper Gallery: 2022 Year in Review …

Another year is in the rearview mirror and we were blown away by the artistic creativity and diversity of art designed on Domtar paper this past year.

Behind The Project – How Collaboration Led …

The Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse, Deborah Corn is at it again!

Guess What’s New in the Domtar Paper Galler …

Okay, I admit it; I love art galleries. There’s something quietly inspiring about their halls whether it’s the years of creative history or the

Gallery Favorite: AIGA Eye on Design

Eye on Design magazine takes a decidedly different approach to design journalism. Printed on Cougar, see what we love about this journalistic masterpiece.