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Introducing: The Summer 2022 Edition of Paper Matters Magazine

When you open your Summer 2022 edition of Paper Matters® magazine, you’ll see a statement that begins as follows—

Paper is the perfect vehicle for telling stories that support, inspire and propel powerful ideas. It’s tactile. It’s memorable. It’s lasting. That’s why we’ve created Paper Matters® magazine.

Like the rest of the world, Paper Matters was forced to make some adjustments over the last couple of years. We temporarily moved the magazine online, released a “Best of” edition and even launched the Paper Matters Podcast, but all along we knew the medium that Paper Matters was created for and that the magazine was destined for a return. Now, Paper Matters is taking a look at what our community has been through, recognizing the perseverance, innovation and collaboration that helped bring us all to this point and sharing stories of triumph through paper.


Spotlighting the Arts

Right from the start, Paper Matters aims to grab your attention with the Gallery Spotlight. You can admire, learn the history and read the specs of two of our latest pieces, The Business of Graphic Design: The RGD Handbook and The Hall Family Foundation “In This Moment”. By sharing the production notes and the background of the printed pieces, we hope to show how attention to detail and collaboration (both common threads throughout this issue) can produce beautifully effective works of art.


Familiar Faces

Like most people, after quarantine ended, we had to catch up with a few old friends. If you’re familiar with previous editions of Paper Matters, then you’ll be thrilled to see fresh stories on some of our favorites.


You know the story of designer Aaron Draplin and how his gift of 100 pocket-sized notebooks turned into the Field Notes brand that we know today. Well, now you can learn how Field Notes took advantage of new travel trends during the pandemic to keep their classic brand current and looked within their customer base to create new engagement.

We also go behind the scenes at Publicis Hawkeye in Toronto, the digital gurus who merge data with direct mail to forge “relationship moments” between brands and their audiences. Vice Presidents Scott Pinkney and Vish Ramkissoon talk to us about how they trusted data to be their rudder through choppy seas and help inform their marketing decisions.

We even caught up with KUBRA, the cutting-edge billing and payments company with locations across North America about how they not only ensured the effectiveness of their direct mail campaign but also improved their customers’ experience through color.

Industry Insights


Next, we check in around the industry and share data-driven insights and interesting factoids from what we learned.

You don’t want to miss our conversation with printers from Broadridge, Hemlock Printers Ltd. and Morgan Printers Inc. to get their perspective on the pandemic, how they’re handling new conversations on sustainability and what they believe is next for business.

We tell the story of how the Windsor Mill discovered how the sweet results of a dedication to sustainability can contribute to the circular economy through new partnerships and a lot of maple syrup.

And we diagnose an ailment that every marketer can relate to, provide the antidote to email saturation and share the statistics behind the cure to boot.

These are just some of the stories you’ll find within the new edition of Paper Matters, but you’ll have to grab your issue to learn all of its secrets. Visit this link to order your issue and discover the rest.


As always, Paper Matters.

For more printspiration, visit paper.domtar.com.


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