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Introducing Our Paper Matters Magazine Fall 2020 Digital Issue

Anything can happen when people and paper come together. In this edition of Paper Matters magazine, we explore creative collaborations and coalitions that have been formed and bound by paper.

Field Notes Cultivates Success (and a Cult Following) with Creative Branding

When designer Aaron Draplin made 100 pocket-sized notebooks as gifts, he probably never expected to catch the attention of Chicago design firm Coudal Partners — much less join forces with them to launch the Field Notes brand. Today, Field Notes fanatics line up for blocks to get the next limited-edition release. Follow step-by-step as Field Notes and Lake County Press collaborate to produce another instant classic.

Data Builds Relationships

We’ll go behind the scenes at Publicis Hawkeye in Toronto, where digital gurus merge data with direct mail to forge “relationship moments” between brands and their audiences. Learn why they’re telling creatives and clients to stop thinking about campaigns and start thinking about consumers’ data journeys.

A Move to Inkjet Fits the Bill for KUBRA

Next, you’ll see how inkjet fits the bill for KUBRA, a billing and payments company that has rethought the customer experience when it comes to paper billing statements.

Blockchain Technology and Sustainability

That brings us to our journey in sustainability and how we’re exploring blockchain technology as a way to increase transparency in our supply chain. We explain what blockchain technology is and the potential it has for the forest products industry.

Cult followings. Relationship moments. New opportunities. They’re all made possible with paper — a product and an industry that’s constantly making connections. Paper Matters magazine is your source to celebrate and inspire the evolving world of the paper and printing industries.

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