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Like many of you, I could use a creative escape about right now. The past few months have challenged many of us in unexpected ways. We’ve had to rethink how we market, how we communicate and the brand experience. The good news is that while many things have changed, some things haven’t. Communicators are finding new ways to incorporate print—and falling back on familiar ones too. That’s why we’ve picked some of our favorite stories to share with you.

These are the best of the best from Paper Matters (and the former Blueline Magazine). The tried and true tips and trends from the past issues are just as relevant today.

Best of Paper Matters Feature Stories Include:
Gallery Favorite: AIGIA “Eye on Design” magazine

Renaissance Man: Aaron Draplin Looks Back to go Forward

The Art of the Finish: Dialing up Print’s Appeal with An Attention-Getting Technique

Inkjet Confessional: Top Tips for Leveraging the Benefits of Production Inkjet Technology

How Print is Helping Shutter Magazine Succeed

The Collaboration Between Designer & Printer

While circumstances may change, your source for inspiration doesn’t. We are here to inspire and be that resource you can depend on during this time. We’re here to connect with you. So, whether it’s our magazine, blog and gallery, social channels or even through a phone call or virtual meeting, we are here for you.

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