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Lynx Opaque Ultra – Sure Consistency. Sure Quality. Sure Availability.

With Lynx®, there’s never any doubt. Only confidence.

I’m thrilled to announce our latest promotion for the Lynx brand from Domtar Paper—Lynx For Sure. Using the financial vertical as an example, this promotion demonstrates the expansive offering, quality, versatility and values of Lynx® Opaque Ultra through a printed piece that is both inspiring and informative.

Like a trusted financial brand, Lynx is an institution. For over thirty years, Lynx Opaque Ultra has excelled as a strong, reliable foundation for high-volume jobs. It’s the sheet that printers nationwide reach for when they need something they can rely on, a trusted resource for any type of job. This consistent quality is why financial brands continue to trust Lynx. It’s ideal for direct mail pieces, letters, financial statements, marketing collateral—for anything that must make an impact and must be steady all the way through.

The Lynx line is vast and features a variety of options for offset, digital and production inkjet printing. If you are wondering what level of print quality you can expect, flip through this promotion and look through the vast array of printed samples. Study each sample printed on a variety of different printing equipment and notice the consistency of color and print quality is unrivaled compared to other paper brands. And the quality doesn’t start with the final result—printers count on the options from the Lynx brand for smooth, trouble-free runs on press and reliable performance.

Like all Domtar papers, Lynx has availability you can trust. With a network that includes ten strategically placed regional replenishment centers across the United States and Canada, Lynx Opaque Ultra is always in reach. Domtar has a supply chain built around availability and we’re dedicated to getting you the paper you need when you need it.

A commitment to the environment and the North American economy is evident in every option under the Lynx brand. Responsibly sourced from small landowners with the highest level of commitment to their family’s land and manufactured exclusively in North American paper mills that support local communities, Lynx is a paper made with the highest level of values that can only enhance your reputation. When you choose to print on Lynx, not only are you making a statement of responsibility, you’re choosing a brighter future.

  • Sure Consistency – for flawless runs front to back.
  • Sure Quality – for colors that pop and performance, both on press and in-hand.
  • Sure Sustainability – for paper made responsibly in North American paper mills that support local communities.

When you need a sheet that does it all and when every impression counts, trust Lynx Opaque Ultra.  Ready to experience Lynx For Sure first hand? Request your complimentary promotion.

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