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Introducing the Paper Matters Podcast

As communication and technology evolve, so do our opportunities to connect with you in new and innovative ways. We are excited to introduce The Paper Matters Podcast; a paper focused listening experience that will explore the evolving world of paper and print. You may be scratching your head a bit and thinking, why is a paper company doing a podcast? It’s simple, podcasts are another channel to connect with you and more people are listening to podcasts than ever before. As the Director of Marketing for Domtar Paper, my calendar is continuously booked but I find that podcasts are one of the most efficient ways for me to grow my knowledge and usually be entertained at the same time.

Our initial season will feature the following episodes and will be hosted by our very own Creative and Brand Manager, Ashley Maydak. I’ll pop in and host a few episodes myself.

Paper Matters Podcast Season 1

Episode 1

“Introducing the Paper Matters Podcast”

Vanécia Carr, Director of Marketing, Domtar Paper

Ashley Maydak, Brand and Creative Manager, Domtar Paper

Episode 2

“Back to School: Supplying Students in Need”

Karen Calder, Executive Director, Classroom Central

Episode 3

“The Importance of the Envelope in Voting at Home”

Brook Spaulding, Market Development Manager | Senior Account Manager, W+D


Episode 4

“Tips for Printers in a Post-COVID World”

Deborah Corn,  Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at Print Media Centr

Episode 5

“How is a Forest Sustainably Managed?”

Donna Janssen, Landowner, WL Kirby LLC

Episode 6

“Attracting the Next Generation to the Print and Paper Industry”

Nicholas Pearson, Marketing Specialist, Domtar Paper

How to Listen:

You can listen here or find us on Apple iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.


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