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Printing Technique Talk: Lynx® For Sure Production Review

The financial market utilizes a variety of print methods for its collateral from variable-data production inkjet to commercial digital to offset. That is why we chose the financial market as the focus for our latest promotion, Lynx® For Sure. Lynx® Opaque Ultra is the paper you can count on, every time, all the time.

This promo is a great piece for designers and printers alike. Designers may find inspiration with some of the formats and designs we have in this piece while printers will hold in their hands an example of just how well Lynx paper reproduces color and detail.

The production on this was unique as we performed our press checks remotely. As I mention in my blog, How to Conduct a Remote Press Check, if you have a strong printer,  the process should be seamless. I can say that our printers, Active Graphics and SG360, made this a great experience and the results prove it.

Main Folder

We showcase three layers on this folder using both text and cover weights. You will notice how the 80 lb. text weight holds just as much ink as the cover weights do and handles it beautifully. The 100 lb. Lynx® Opaque Ultra that we use for the large cover that holds all the samples stands up to the multiple scores and folds of this design without any signs of distress and wear. The folder was printed offset four-color process plus two match colors.

Trust Lynx Booklet

This booklet is stitched into the main folder. The 70 lb. text weight piece shows off the excellent formation and superior opacity of the Lynx brand. You can see how much ink coverage this piece holds while holding great details and sharpness in the images. The folder was printed offset four-color process plus two match colors.

Dream Travel Booklet

Look at how the skin tones and aerial photography reproduce flawlessly on this Lynx® Opaque Ultra 65 lb. Cover, Smooth finish self-cover booklet. Self-cover is when a book or booklet uses the exact same paper for its covers as it does for its interior pages. Using one weight for all pages in a brochure or booklet gives the printed piece an elevated minimal aesthetic. It also can be an effective tool when you are being budget-conscious as it can help reduce print and paper costs. The booklet was printed offset four-color process plus one match color.

Dream Life Newsletter

In the financial market, the need to stay in touch with your clients is paramount and direct mail is an effective marketing tool for that. This sample, printed on a HP Indigo using Lynx® Digital 80 lb. Cover, Super Smooth finish, dispels the myth many creatives have that digital jobs are only for things that need to be done “quick and cheap.” The outstanding design combined with exceptional print quality and super smooth texture makes this a piece that’s sure to stand out in any mailbox. This is a great reminder for designers that sticking with one brand of paper for all of their materials is a great way to add consistency even with different printing methods.

Transpromotional Statement, Credit Card and Envelope

Many industries, especially the financial market, depend on generating statements for their customers. This high volume printing demands a paper that can withstand the rigors of that volume while also being able to stand up to post-processing equipment. That is why we were excited to use our LynxJET® treated inkjet paper for this sample, a treated production inkjet paper that has the same excellent formation and printability as Lynx allowing for great color reproduction and sharp detail. The inkjet statement was printed with pigment ink on a Canon ColorStream series printer which really shows off how LynxJET treated inkjet paper enhances color on an inkjet printer. We attached a credit card element printed on Lynx Digital 120 lb. Cover that was printed digitally on a Canon imagePRESS series printer. Both pieces are then put into a commercial #10 Lynx envelope printed offset and you have an example of how Lynx can truly handle all formats of printing.

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When every impression counts, trust Lynx Opaque Ultra. Ready to experience Lynx For Sure first hand? Request your complimentary promotion today.

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