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How is a Forest Sustainably Managed

“There are right now today over a million more acres of forest land active managed forest land than what existed back then when my grandmother was doing this 40 years ago,” Donna Janssen, Land Owner. While that may seem unlikely, the reality is our future is rooted in the forest. Domtar is dedicated to sustainability and sourcing wood responsibly and working hand in hand with landowners has been part of the Domtar sustainability story for many years. Donna Janssen, one of our guests on the Paper Matters Podcast, has a lifelong connection to forests. She’s been a landowner since she was born—her family’s tree farm was passed down from her grandfather to her grandmother, and then to her aunt and mother. Now, Donna and her sister are third-generation forest caretakers and they plan to pass on their family’s legacy for generations to come. Here are a few highlights of what you’ll hear when we talk with Donna about how their timberland has been sustainably managed by three generations of women.

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One thing that’s made clear during our discussion with Donna is that she has a love for forests. Not only has she dedicated her life and livelihood to her land but she understands the ins and outs of sustainably managing timberland. She touches on:

  • The value of a well-managed sustainable forest
  • How sustainability has changed over the years
  • Producing a sustainable crop of timber that helps the environment and wildlife
  • How the forest is used and preserving it for the next generation

And talks about why she believes in Domtar and why others do as well, saying “I think they’re more inclined to purchase paper because they can trust that the fiber that that product is made from has been sourced from trees that have been grown sustainably and haven’t been done detriment to our environment or our planet.” Our conversation with Donna was impactful for us because she was able to share her family’s story and connect it to Domtar in a way that reinforces why we do what we do, the way we do it, and we believe it can have that same impact for you.


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