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03.18.19 - Spotlight

It’s a proven fact. Paper is all around us and connects us in so many ways. It’s the label on the package you just received. The copy paper stacked in your printer. A postcard in your mailbox. The paper wrapper around your sandwich. The brochure from your car dealership. We use and are surrounded by paper every day. Paper offers a wealth of possibility and opportunity to propel your ideas forward and tell your story. It’s why we’ve created, to be that go-to resource for engaging, educational and inspiring information about the world of paper. It’s filled with curated content covering anything anyone could ever want to know about paper types and usage, paper and printing industry trends and so much more.  We are passionate about paper and sharing all the possibilities with you through this paper focused site.

The site features:

  • Our Blog that focuses on the latest trends in paper, print and design
  • Informative content about our vast offering of paper brands
  • Printed designs that inspire creativity and innovation–Request your sample today
  • Top events that educate and elevate the paper industry
  • Share your work and fuel your creativity at the Gallery
  • Subscribe to our Magazine: a resource for inspirational content that highlights industry experts, new technologies and printing innovation.

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