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Do Your Print Customers Have Envelope Envy?

Do Your Print Customers Have Envelope Envy?


When it comes to helping print customers stand out in the mailbox, options that can set your business apart are within reach more than you realize. Printers are in a unique position to open the door to new conversations and fans by making envelope options first-class.

Here are a few ideas…

Sample Showcase

Focus your envelope samples on WOW, not practicality. Gather up envelopes that are not commonly used by designers. I did a quick search and found some funky coin and interoffice envelopes that already have me thinking about creative ways to use them. The goal here is to be a resource of ‘printspiration’ not a salesperson. Even if they go with the white #10 they will remember you as a collaborative partner and keep the samples until the right project comes along.

Get Social

I know, but it’s not going away. You can skip this paragraph if you still aren’t onboard with social media marketing – as well as engaging with the 76 million millennials and 10’s of millions of Gen Z’ers behind them.

For everyone else…

If you have curated a funky envelope sample kit sharing images and asking your audience to suggest how the interoffice envelope can be used creatively could generate some amazing engagement. Make sure you offer to send participants your sample kit along the way (envelopes and print!) to make new print customer friends you can continue talking to.

To push the box a little further you can send a few sheets of correctly sized paper with instructions for making origami envelopes to your current customers. Create a hashtag for everyone to share pictures of the envelopes they created. Offer to send an origami kit to appropriate people who engage in the stream. Designers are typically connected to other designers for example, one share from the right designer could bring 100’s your way.

Go Green

Sustainability is very topical, but buyers don’t want to be bored by bio-mass blah blah. They understand recyclable and may have a higher interest in working with printers who do all they can to give back to the environment – especially the lower end of the millennials and the Gen Z’ers entering the work force. They are very focused on all things Mother Earth, make sure you put that front and center in your discussions.

When I refer to going green, I mean literally! Create a promotion that includes sending seeded envelopes customers can plant. Encourage them to get their kids involved and take pics of the growing process. You can supply ‘Did You Know’ type facts about print, paper and sustainability along the way (Two Sides has all you need) and offer to send seeded envelopes to appropriate participants along the way.

The Envelope Please…

When it comes to winning attention, Printers need to step it up. You help customers stand out, you tell them how important standing out is and now it’s your turn to stand out by sharing something new in a different way, sharing something old in a new way, and just going MAD with new ideas that break through the noise and inspire your customers to do something new, with you.

Print Long and Prosper!

For a helpful envelope size guide, click here. And for more for great print and paper tips, visit our blog.

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