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Enhance Productivity with Office Paper Small Packs

Having the proper set up for working each day is essential to remain productive. While everyone has different standards when it comes to the ideal working environment, there are a few common essentials for most of us:

  • A designated workspace with little distractions, a comfortable chair and good lighting
  • A dependable work computer and stable internet connection
  • A reliable North American made office paper and decent desktop printer

Shocked to see office paper make the list? Although office paper is often taken for granted, it is a critical element in remaining productive. According to a recent study from the Paper & Packaging Board, 60% of respondents say they use paper specifically to make them more productive, 41% say they reach for paper over digital tools when they need to be attentive and 53% prefer using paper calendars and to-do lists to manage their time. Considering that 87% reported spending more than 7 hours a day staring at a screen to either actively work or engage in virtual meetings, it’s no surprise that half of office professionals feel screen overload and 62% feel digital tools are making their teams unfocused and inefficient in meetings.

Conversely, respondents often use both paper and technology during the work day; 3 in 5 rely on paper as much as or more than their digital devices, 96% prefer to work with hard copies over digital versions of the same information and 63% prefer using paper to collaborate with colleagues and spark creativity.

Now, individuals that work from home or in small office environments can take advantage of the benefits of paper without ordering more paper than they need. Both the LettermarkTM and Xerox® Vitality® brands offer small packs, the most popular of which are now available at your local office supply store. Known for quality, the Xerox® brand of paper is trusted by both businesses and individuals as the paper that delivers professional results that can only enhance your reputation. Our newest office paper brand, LettermarkTM has already built a reputation as the exceptional everyday office paper. Whether maintaining a fast pace in a high volume print environment, beginning your next strategic endeavor, sorting out your next creative idea or starting at square one to learn something new, trust the options in the Lettermark brand as your everyday paper of choice. Theses convenient pack sizes offer flexible options for printing at home or in a small office with limited storage space.

  • The newest release is the LettermarkTM Copy Storage Pack. Created with the work-from-home user in mind, this pack features 1250 loose sheets (no reams) in an attractive and reusable container. The LettermarkTM Storage Pack makes it easy to have just the right amount of exceptional everyday LettermarkTM Copy Paper within reach while also keeping your home office neat and organized.
  • The Xerox® Vitality® Multipurpose Printer Paper XL Pack offers the convenience of 750 sheets of high quality Xerox® Vitality® paper in one large ream. Xerox® Vitality® is thicker than the average multipurpose paper and features elevated product quality. The XL Pack contains 250 more sheets than the average ream of paper; a perfect option for an individual working from a home office.
  • 3 Ream office paper packs have become very popular during the pandemic, especially for small offices or individuals working from home that need to print more regularly. Staples Canada offers our new LettermarkTM Copy 3 Ream and Staples offers a 3 ream pack of Xerox® Vitality®.

Both Xerox® Vitality® and LettermarkTM Copy feature ColorLok® technology. Paper that features ColorLok® technology will not only deliver elevated color, bolder blacks and enhanced detail, it will also run flawlessly through your printer — so you can focus more on being productive at work instead of fixing paper jams. Learn which brand is right for you by reading this blog: How to Choose the Right Office Paper for Your Project, Priority and Budget.

Both brands, along with all Domtar papers, are made exclusively in North America. North American paper manufacturers are heavily regulated, continuously improving and reporting environmental performance due to evolving environmental standards. For other tips on making sure your office paper is a sustainable choice, read Top 5 Tips for Choosing an Environmentally Responsible Office Paper. Don’t forget to recycle after use!

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