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Best Office Papers Guide: EarthChoice

Anyone that’s ever been to an office supply store will tell you that finding your office paper can be a confusing task. There’s a vast array of options and it’s not always clear which sheet fits what need. Fortunately, the complete collection of office papers from Domtar deliver superior performance and exceptional results on values you can trust, and we have a free, online guide to finding your brand. Let’s talk EarthChoice® Office Papers

Discover the Brand…

EarthChoice is a line of sustainability-focused papers, created to help individuals and businesses meet personal and professional environmental responsibility goals. From everyday copies to full-color professional documents, all Domtar papers are made in North American paper mills that support local communities and are responsibly sourced from small landowners with the highest level of commitment to their family’s land. By choosing to print on EarthChoice, you’re making a sustainable choice for the environment and the North American economy.

…and Learn Your Options

We all need a dependable office paper and a healthy, protected planet. The entire EarthChoice line of office papers meets the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® certified by NEPCon, so that you or your business can achieve your environmental responsibility goals

  • EarthChoice Office Paper – Choosing EarthChoice Office Paper for your everyday printing needs reflects a commitment to both the environment and your business. Sourced from sustainably-managed North American forests, EarthChoice Office Paper also features 92 brightness and ColorLok® technology.
  • EarthChoice Recycled Office Papers – When it comes to both quality and environmental responsibility, EarthChoice30 Recycled delivers. It contains 30% post-consumer recycled fiver and features the 92 brightness and ColorLok® technology.

You’ve probably noticed that most products in the Domtar Office Papers Collection feature ColorLok Technology, which delivers bolder blacks and more vivid color compared to other papers in their class on a wide variety of laser and inkjet printing equipment. So, no matter which option you choose from Domtar, you can expect reliable performance without paper jams or delays in production.


To learn more about the Collection of Domtar Office Papers and discover the full project assortment, download the free guide now:

EarthChoice is just one of our collection of office papers. Explore our blog or click the link above to find the right paper for you.


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