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How to Choose the Right Office Paper for Your Project, Priority and Budget

Anyone that’s ever been to an office supply store will tell you the office paper landscape is confusing. There are a vast array of options, yet it’s difficult to find the paper that truly suits your needs. Domtar Paper has simplified the decision-making process with three office paper brands—Xerox®, LettermarkTM and EarthChoice® Office Paper. Each brand is positioned to help you choose the right paper for your project, priority and budget.

Xerox Paper

The Xerox Paper brand features premium quality paper crafted to provide superior results and perform flawlessly to meet the demands of professional office environments. Whether you’re a professional printer that needs to ‘wow’ your audience, buying for an entire business that needs  to elevate everyday communications or are counting on the desktop printer in your home office to make an unforgettable impression—don’t settle for the ordinary. Let Xerox Paper showcase your ideas and messages in the best possible light. Here’s an overview of the offering from the Xerox Paper line:

  • Xerox Vitality Office Papers – When you need something more-than-basic for your everyday printing needs, trust Xerox Vitality Office Papers. This line offers elevated product quality that includes the following features:
    • A brighter and whiter 92 brightness for a more attractive shade with better contrast for text and images.
    • Opacity that’s two points higher than the competition for less show-through and better two-sided printing.
    • A bulkier basis weight that makes the sheet 10% stiffer for a better feel and a reliable performance through high-speed printers and inserters.
    • ColorLok® Technology for flawless, worry-free printing that keeps your business moving.
  • Xerox Bold Professional Premium Quality Printer Paper & Xerox Bold Digital Printing Papers – Whether printing your boss’s weekly report, an important sales pitch or a slick promotional piece, Xerox Bold Professional Premium Quality and Bold Digital Printing Papers give you the high performance and superior results you need to present every idea in the best possible light.
    • Xerox Bold Professional Premium Quality Printer Paper is brighter, whiter and thicker, with quality you can both see and feel. This makes it the optimal choice for external presentations, proposals and reports that features graphs, charts or images—any usage where you’re presenting to an important audience and want your ideas to look their best.
    • Xerox Bold Digital Printing Paper gives you the ability to turn even the most ambitious digital printed piece into a reality. This is the same paper professional printers trust for brochures and marketing pieces, but it’s also available at the office supply sources that sell everyday copy paper. Even though it delivers professional quality on digital printers, it still runs flawlessly on any copier.

Lettermark Office Paper

The Lettermark brand is the newest addition to the Domtar Office Papers Collection. Crafted to uphold important messages, productivity and creations, this brand is backed by the unbeatable commitment to product quality, service and sustainability that you’ve come to expect from Domtar. Whether maintaining a fast pace in a high-volume print environment, beginning your next strategic endeavor, sorting out your next creative idea or starting at square one to learn something new, trust the options in the Lettermark brand as your everyday paper of choice.

  • Lettermark Copy Paper – Every great endeavor needs a starting point—think of Lettermark Copy Paper from Domtar as the platform where productivity endures and great ideas begin. It’s the ideal choice for worry-free everyday copying and printing, internal correspondence and high-speed volume applications. Additionally, the Lettermark Copy line also features several small pack sizes—3 Ream Carton, 400 Sheet Ream and the XL Pack (800 sheet ream)—offering flexible options for printing at home or in a small office with limited storage space.
  • Lettermark Premium Paper – Share your ideas in vivid color with Lettermark Premium Paper. Whether printing at home or at the office, this paper features a 96 brightness and ColorLok Technology—delivering vivid color, bold blacks, faster drying time and overall elevated print quality. It’s the optimal solution for documents that require crisp text, enhanced color and double-sided printing. End-uses include documents for internal audiences such as presentations, memos, newsletters, flyers and reports.

EarthChoice Office Paper

EarthChoice Office Papers help companies and individuals enhance their sustainability and performance efforts by making both possible. The line features a vast array of options, all of which are sourced from North American forests where endangered species are protected, workers are provided with fair wages and the rights of indigenous peoples are respected. The entire EarthChoice line of office papers meets the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified by NEPCon, a partner of the Rainforest Alliance. All options in the line also run smoothly on copiers, laser printers and desktop inkjet printers. All products in the line also feature a 99% jam-free performance guarantee in high speed printing applications, so that you can rest assured that your projects will keep moving.

  • EarthChoice Office Paper – Choosing EarthChoice Office Paper for your everyday printing needs reflects a commitment to both the environment and your business. Sourced from sustainably-managed North American forests, EarthChoice Office Paper also features 92 brightness and ColorLok
  • NEW! EarthChoice High Bright Office Paper – Achieve remarkable print results while being mindful of your environmental footprint—EarthChoice High Bright Office Paper makes both possible. Featuring 96 brightness and ColorLok Technology, EarthChoice High Bright balances environmental consciousness with worry-free, double-sided printing.
  • EarthChoice Recycled Office Papers – When it comes to both quality and environmental responsibility, the recycled options from the EarthChoice brand of office papers deliver. Featuring varying levels of post-consumer recycled content and made to the highest product quality standards, EarthChoice Recycled Office Papers allow your business to deliver on productivity and reach sustainability goals.
    • EarthChoice30 Recycled and EarthChoice50 Recycled Office Papers feature eye-pleasing 92 brightness and ColorLok Technology. Expect flawless performance on copiers, laser printers and desktop inkjet printers.
    • NEW! EarthChoice100 Recycled Office Paper features a 92 brightness, minimal visible fibers and a shade that’s more crisp than one would expect from a 100% recycled paper.

You’ve probably noticed that most products in the Domtar Office Papers Collection feature ColorLok Technology, which delivers bolder blacks and more vivid color compared to other papers in their class on a wide variety of laser and inkjet printing equipment. So, no matter which option you choose from Domtar, you can expect reliable performance without paper jams or delays in production.

From everyday copies to full-color professional documents, the options in the Domtar Office Papers Collection deliver superior performance and exceptional results on values you can trust. All Domtar papers are made in North American paper mills that support local communities and are responsibly sourced from small landowners with the highest level of commitment to their family’s land. By choosing to print on Domtar Paper, you’re making a sustainable choice for the environment and the North American economy.

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