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Throwback Thursday: Luxury Within Reach (in a Post-Pandemic World)

Most consumers hunkered down this last year, forgoing major purchases like vacations and high-end goods. Now that things are returning to a version of normalcy and consumers are ripe with savings, they are looking to indulge again. Working from home as well as shifts in marketing trends also mean that most people are experiencing some type of digital fatigue. Now is a great time for brands and companies to re-engage with customers via print marketing.

In late 2018, Domtar released Cougar® “Luxury Within Reach” print marketing promotion, an homage to how Cougar is the ideal uncoated paper to convey luxury with print. Filled with details that beg to be touched and colors that leap of the page, this print marketing piece serves as a great example of how industries can combine their messaging with the perfect medium to help influence customers to purchase things like travel and luxury goods.


Print Marketing Can Take You There

According to a recent Mintel blog, more than 2/5 of consumers will be catching up on a trip that was canceled by the pandemic. They are looking to upgrade facets of their previously planned trips, with some looking to take the “trip of a lifetime”.  If you are part of the travel and tourism industry, now is a great time to target these customers with print marketing.


Engaging your customer’s senses via print marketing has proven benefits, especially during the consideration or shopping phase of the customer journey. As you flip through “Luxury Within Reach”, you will notice numerous spreads that transport the reader to tropical getaways and exotic locales. The exceptional printing surface and bright white shade of Cougar creates the optimal conditions for gorgeous colors and showstopping imagery. The signature velvety feel of Cougar also engages the physical sense of touch (called haptics), helping customers understand and retain messaging better. When you print on Cougar, you open the door to a world that is rich in detail, vibrant color and beautiful, authentic expression. Really great print marketing can take consumers there – further convincing them to upgrade those previously planned trips or invest in those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Print Marketing Enhances the Experience

It goes without saying that luxury brands took a hit to their sales in the last year. Many of these brands were also forced to make a shift from brick and mortar to e-commerce – so the printing of brochures, direct mail and catalogs dropped dramatically. The good news is that the sector is already experiencing an accelerated post-pandemic recovery due to stimulus packages and increased vaccination rates. While it’s likely that brands will continue their focus on e-commerce, for now, it is being reported that some direct-to-consumer brands like Warby Parker and Glossier are starting to open physical stores to help increase traffic to their online sites.

Consumer digital fatigue is real but can be minimized by mixing in print marketing to create an omnichannel experience.  And when a luxury brand needs to create a feeling of opulence, authenticity, emotional impact or any combination therein, they need more than just any paper. They need Cougar.


Cougar provides the perfect canvas that creates images that beg to be touched. An excellent alternative to higher-priced text and cover sheets, Cougar gives you the perfect blend of shade, opacity and consistent runnability. From those deep, rich blacks you can get lost in to a unique, tactile experience that carries undeniable importance— Cougar brings moments of luxury right to your customers’ fingertips. And what better way to enhance the customer’s virtual experience than with a print marketing promotion, tailored to their preferences? Print and digital can easily work together within marketing, communicating personalized offers and drive traffic to both online landing pages or in-person storefronts.

Whether you’re a creative looking to bring your vision to life, a marketer with a desire to make a memorable impact, or a printer helping others turn ideas into tangible expressions, there is nothing quite like Cougar to help your audience experience true luxury print form. If you are not familiar with this print marketing piece or need another copy, please be sure to request your sample today.

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