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Choose Wisely: The Fight for your Receipt

“Would you like a printed receipt?”

What once seemed like a simple question has become the focal point of a complicated conversation as the debate over the environmental impact of printed versus digital receipts continues. Need the headline? “Proposed legislation has the potential to restrict the availability and access to printed receipts.”

Fortunately, Domtar supports the consumer’s right to make their choice and we are far from alone. As the fight for consumer choice builds, it’s important that you understand the source of the conflict; printed receipts matter—for more reasons than you might think—and with Black Friday behind us and Christmas around the corner, Paper Matters magazine is telling you why.

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Legislation Meets Consumer Preferences

Like always, Paper Matters is at the forefront of industry trends and there are few topics more relevant than the subject of receipts. Not only are there current efforts to legislate against printed receipts, but return rates often increase during the holiday season when Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping occurs. When the person buying the gift is not the one who will use it, receipts become that much more important: according to the National Retail Federation,  That’s more than a full percentage point higher than the 16.5% average return rate throughout the rest of the year—making receipts paramount for efficiency and accuracy.

Several factors are often overlooked amidst the discussion around printed versus digital receipts, so for The more people we spoke with, the clearer it became that the voice of the people is not being heard. Chief among their reasons were:

  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Personal Preference

Tech-savviness and access is something that we take for granted, particularly younger generations. ere is, however, a large contingent within the US that does not have access to a smartphone or consistent internet connection, making digital receipts inaccessible and unhelpful. Another group of consumers finds that printed receipts are not only easier to keep track of, but also provide greater peace of mind. What’s important to remember is that, while these may not be your reasons, they are factors that carry a real life impact. People deserve a choice, and they should not be stripped of that right.

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The Choice is Yours (or it Should be)

Ultimately, Paper Matters encourages you to view printed receipts through a new lens. They aren’t just outdated remnants of a bygone era but essential tools that address contemporary concerns. An often-underestimated aspect of printed receipts is their role in preventing fraud. Despite protective technological advancements, paper is still in many ways a more secure medium than its digital counterpart and when it comes to finances, security is everything.

Unlike digital receipts that may be susceptible to deletion, unauthorized access or can simply be lost in the deluge of emails and texts we receive, a physical receipt provides a concrete trail of evidence This is especially crucial in cases of disputed transactions or potential fraud, offering consumers a reliable means to verify their purchases. In an age where digital transactions are vulnerable to cyber threats, a tangible record of a transaction takes on heightened significance.

As we navigate the delicate balance between environmental responsibility and consumer needs, keep in mind that the ability to choose between paper and digital receipts empowers consumers to align their transactional preferences with their values. Some consumers find comfort in the tangible nature of a paper receipt, viewing it as a safeguard against potential fraud or disputes, or require it due to their location or access to the internet. Others appreciate the convenience of digital receipts and don’t have to worry about their ability to access what they need. Whatever choice is right for you, we are fighting for your right to make it.

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