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Why Cougar® Paper Exceeds Printer Expectations

Cougar® paper carries with it a legacy of bringing important work to life and elevating projects to new levels. Every sheet will be of the highest quality and integrity, and it will never fail to exceed expectations. It has a certain mystique and truly stands in a class of its own.

Here are some reasons to consider Cougar paper and exceed your expectations:

Consider Consistency

Every component of the Cougar paper brand is made to the rigorous standards – so you can expect a consistent look, time after time. This equates to vivid color, rich blacks, luxurious solids and exceptional skin tones from run to run and from project to project. This is especially important for those customers who want to elevate their brands or have stringent standards they must adhere to.


Consider Budget

With its impressive 98 brightness as well as perfect blend of shade, opacity and consistent runnability, Cougar paper has developed a reputation as an excellent alternative to higher-priced text and cover sheets. Marketing budgets will be tight as we recover from the COVID fall-out – so why not offer options to your print customers? Don’t believe me? Be sure to check out the Cougar Luxury Within Reach promotion.


Consider Performance

It may be tempting to try another uncoated paper that claims to be just as good…but nothing runs quite like Cougar paper. With a smooth, uniform surface and excellent formation, you can count on Cougar paper to help keep jobs on schedule by performing beautifully every time.


Consider Breadth of Line

Available in three finishes (Smooth, Super Smooth and Vellum) and two shades (White and Natural), the options in the Cougar paper line will meet any client needs. Cougar paper is also available in a variety of weights and sizes, with accompanying envelopes, helping to ensure a consistent look for anything you print. Want to see the breath of line in action? Be sure to check out Cougar w/Purpose, our most recent printed promotion. It features beautifully printed examples of the various Cougar paper finishes, basis weights and envelopes.


Consider Sustainability

With increased focus on the environment, be sure to offer your customers a product like Cougar paper that will meet their needs from a sustainability standpoint. Do you have a client asking for recycled content? Cougar paper contains 10% recycled content. Do you have a customer that is interested in sustainable forestry practices? Cougar paper is obtained from forests that are sustainably managed. You can feel good about using Cougar paper – because Cougar paper (and Domtar) take sustainability very seriously.

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